First Financial Asset Management (FFAM) and the FFAM360 Alliance of Companies have worked hard over the last several years developing official profiles across the internet. FFAM wanted to ensure that all available information about who FFAM is, what they do, and how to reach them was verified in as many ways as possible.

Below is a collection of the official websites you can find FFAM online.

State-Of-The-Art Websites

FFAM consists of several organizations known as the FFAM360 Alliance of Companies. Their primary website is the best location to discover who they are and what services they provide to both consumers and clients. This state-of-the-art website features information on all of FFAM’s services, including how FFAM360 provides comprehensive receivables solutions for business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue cycle management, receivable purchasing and specialty finance.

For clients looking for help in the day-to-day operation of their organization, FFAM also built their FFAM360 Staffing website to provide direct information on how they can help with Temporary Staffing, Traditional Temporary Staffing, Project Resolution, Temp-to-Hire Opportunities, Direct Hire Introductions, Interim Management Partnerships, and Executive Placement Programs.

In the world of patient financing solutions, FFAM’s own CareCentric 360 website provides up-to-date information on how they provide affordable solutions to fill the financial gap between a patient’s needs, wants, and financial obligations.

Social Media

To find the latest on what new products FFAM360 offers, where in the world they are lending their support, and more, visit FFAM’s official Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube profiles. FFAM360’s official Facebook profile is their go-to space to share the latest news about their organization. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for the latest news, as well as information on upcoming events the company will be attending.

FFAM360’s official LinkedIn profile provides their organization with a way to stay connected with industry professionals and colleagues across the globe. FFAM is part of over a dozen industries and organizations and attends many events each year. FFAM’s LinkedIn profile is how they stay connected with all of those they meet on the industry show floors.

For users looking for easily digestible information about who FFAM360 is and what they do, visit their official YouTube channel. Here they share several “Coffee Chat” podcasts, as well as information on specific services their organization provides.

Industry Networking

FFAM360 is a proud member of both the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International. Both organizations represent FFAM’s commitment to not only the receivables industry as a whole but also consumers as their memberships ensure they remain compliant, professional, and trustworthy.

The company also maintains an RMAI “Certified Receivables Business” certification highlighting the importance of both their membership with RMAI and their commitment to making sure they follow the latest and most secure industry best practices.

Consumer Certifications

FFAM360’s official Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile has been active for over 15 years. Their dedication to answering any and all questions from consumers is highlighted through their A rating with the BBB. FFAM’s rating shows customers that their company operates honestly and with integrity in each and every interaction they have with consumers.

Building a Career

Those looking to begin a career with the FFAM360 family do not need to look further than official Glassdoor and ZoomInfo business profiles. The company is always looking for dedicated, passionate individuals looking to help both consumers and clients improve their financial standing. FFAM’s GlassDoor profile highlights the scope of their organization, as well as shows any available positions. FFAM’s official ZoomInfo profile provides a detailed FAQ for those looking to apply to their organization.

Helping Consumers

FFAM knows consumers want to return to great financial standing. They have partnered and collaborated with some of the ARM industry’s best organizations to produce content dedicated to helping clients and consumers understand industry best practices. FFAM360 has been featured on Receivables Info’s Receivables Roundtable podcast series a number of times and sponsored many articles on Receivables Info to help consumers understand all aspects of the collections industry.

Find More Info Across The Web

Last but not least, FFAM360 has compiled a list of every online directory to which they provide official information. If you’re browsing the web and do not come across one of these official directories, please visit another website to ensure the information you are accessing is correct. Find FFAM on Angie’s List, YellowBot, Alignable, ApolloIO, OpenCorporates, Spoke, Cortera, iBegin, or Crunchbase.

FFAM360 and the FFAM360 Alliance of Companies is proud to provide these numerous websites to find official information on their organization. To learn more about the company or to get answers to any questions you may have, you can also call their office at (800) 542-8714 to speak with one of their excellent customer care representatives.

About First Financial Asset Management (FFAM360)

The FFAM360 Alliance of companies deploys world-class people, operations, and technology to deliver revenue cycle solutions to their clients that optimize their credit and revenue lifecycles. Founded in 2002 with the vision of creating a best-in-class organization that provides comprehensive solutions across the Insurance Subrogation, Healthcare RCM, Financial Services, and Human Resource Staffing sectors, First Financial Asset Management has achieved many significant awards and recognitions including being honored by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. First Financial Asset Management is headquartered just outside Atlanta, GA, with additional offices in Phoenix, AZ, and Paso Robles, CA.