By leveraging existing and future accounts receivable, our Capital Solutions create receivables liquidity alternatives that address each client’s cash flow objectives.

Billing &

We provide high-quality business process outsourcing and receivable management services to maximize credit lifecycle cash flow while protecting brand reputation.


Our expert team helps our clients navigate the complex environment of insurance subrogation to increase the identification of accounts with potential to pay, maximizing the value of claims.

Healthcare Staffing

Providing innovative revenue cycle staffing solutions for healthcare providers, either temporary or permanent, on location or remotely from our call center.

Third Party Liability
Claims (Healthcare)

Third Party Liability Claims require a unique expertise. FFAM360 possesses a deep-domain expertise in the comprehensive end-to-end management of all specialized Third Party Liability Claims, including but not limited to Motor Vehicle Accidents (“MVA”), Workers Comp (“WC”), and Veterans Administration (“VA”) claims. Utilizing the latest claims analytics and Artificial Intelligence, FFAM360 maximizes reimbursement to the healthcare provider for all Third Party Liability Claims. patient accounts involved in accident related cases.

Workers Comp Claims
Management (for Insurance Carriers)

Our team handles the management of employer related claims, deductibles and premiums on behalf of insurance companies across America.


A turn-key approach to financial freedom™. We understand that the financing experience offered by healthcare providers is directly tied to patient satisfaction. Therefore our focus is to provide patients with financial tools derived from modern technology and simply-to-understand terms.


We allow our healthcare client-partners to realize the guarantee of cash today across a wide-array of their account-receivables, all consolidated through one seamlessly integrated patient financial engagement workflow.

Outsourced Customer Care
& Account Servicing

Providing a wide-array of full-service outsourced solutions for the customer care and account servicing of performing and delinquent receivables through consistency and the alignment of revenue integrity, operational compliance and technology. We are second-to-none when it comes to delivering results for Outsourced Customer Care & Account Servicing.

Capital Solutions

FFAM360 Capital offers an array of capital and financing solutions for our client-partners that span the entire receivable lifecycle. Built on over three (3) decades of experience in purchasing, financing and managing a wide-array of accounts receivables, our team of notable experts at FFAM360 Capital are dedicated to creating receivables liquidity alternatives that maximize each client’s cash flow objectives.

FFAM360 Capital strategically employs experts in finance, asset valuation, and asset restructuring for performing and nonperforming receivable assets. We can create customized solutions based on our client’s needs that frequently exceed financial goals. FFAM360 Capital Solutions provides customized financing solutions to meet our partners’ needs ranging from portfolio servicing to strategic acquisition of portfolios at any point in the account lifecycle.

Third Party Billing & Debt Collections

Built on decades of successful client programs, the professionals at First Financial Asset Management, Inc. (FFAM360) employ a leading-edge veteran billing and collections management team whose operational expertise encompasses a variety of industry sectors.

Our proprietary billing and collection treatment processes provide specialized account treatment programs from pre-charge off to warehouse bad-debt. Through a statistically driven account treatment process, FFAM360’s customized segmentation model blends a proprietary waterfall of outbound calling, intense dialer penetration, customized letter campaigns, asset search/skip tracing, and comprehensive legal recovery that delivers results that continue to outpace our more traditional counterparts.

Supported by highly trained professionals who work diligently to increase liquidations, and improve the customer’s bottom line, our clients can relax and know that their financial objectives on unpaid accounts receivables are being dynamically accomplished.

Insurance Subrogation

The insurance subrogation division at FFAM360 is managed by a group of property & casualty insurance specialists with decades of experience in effective subrogation claim loss recovery. Comprised of experts in various federal and state laws, insurance claim recovery, and arbitration recovery tactics, FFAM360’s subrogation claims management & loss recovery team is second-to-none amongst industry competitors.

Healthcare Staffing Services

Human-capital management in healthcare is one of vital importance to ensure a consistent delivery of quality and patient experience above reproach. The team at FFAM360 Healthcare have a deep-domain expertise to understand your world and the challenges you face in the day-to-day operation of your Organization. Whatever your needs are – Traditional Temporary Staffing, A/R Project Resolution, Temp-to-Hire opportunities, Direct Hire Introductions, Interim Management Partnership or Executive Placement.

Third Party Liability

FFAM360 handles third party liability accounts including Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Workers Compensation accounts. Our proprietary technology, processes and methods enable us to optimize performance of these accounts for our clients. We understand third party liability claims and work with our clients to become a seamlessly integrated solution for handling these specialty accounts.

Patient Financing

CareCentric360 is focused on providing a technologically advanced and seamlessly integrated experience for patients . We deeply understand that the financing experience offered by healthcare providers needs to yield a rewarding financial experience which ultimately leads to positive patient satisfaction. By providing patients with financing options that seamlessly integrate into the healthcare supply-chain, and staying focused on providing a quality financial outcome for the patient, we build customer (patient) loyalty while at the same time accelerating the healthcare provider’s cash-flow. By integrating advanced technology at all stages of the origination and servicing processes, we give patients a variety of useful options. Using an Omni-channel communications approach, Patients have access to a wide-array of convenient options to manage their account(s).

Reimbursement Guarantee (Purchase of Healthcare A/R)

FFAM360 Capital creates tangible liquidity solutions that address our clients cash flow objectives! By delivering the first and only Reimbursement Guarantee™ solution (accomplished thru the sale or finance of A/R) to the healthcare industry, we allow our healthcare client-partners to realize the guarantee of cash today (vs the promise of those collections tomorrow), all consolidated thru one seamlessly integrated patient financial engagement & experience.

Customer Care & Account Servicing

Imagine reducing fixed overhead and expenses by 20%, 30% or more, while gaining productivity and performance levels thru the use of a next-generation customer-care and account servicing platform.   With FFAM360, that is what our clients are achieving.

FFAM360 manages performing and non-performing loan servicing for creditors. Our creditor partners are able to leverage our experience and technology to provide their borrowers with a great experience. FFAM360 is uniquely positioned to provide efficient and compliant loan servicing and manage the day-to-day tasks involved in loan servicing.