PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – The FFAM360 Alliance of Companies, a best-in-class organization providing customer-centric solutions that address all phases of the credit and revenue lifecycle, is celebrating its 20th business anniversary. Originally founded in 2002, the organization began with the acquisition of a small “mom and pop” collection shop and has grown to a major corporation with a diverse scope of expertise and service offerings in the consumer finance, receivables management, healthcare revenue cycle, and healthcare staffing industries. In parallel to the ongoing business growth, the company remains committed to its family-oriented, values-focused culture and works hard to ensure that the growth of the company is continually matched with the intentional growth of the culture.

This milestone is incredibly special to us. Many of us have been here from the beginning or early stages and have shared dozens upon dozens of personal, family, and business milestones together. We’re beyond grateful for what this business has become and we will continue to strive to make it not just a great place to do business, but a great place to work. The opportunity to provide and create jobs where employees can grow, build a life, and be rewarded for their efforts is an awesome responsibility and privilege. It’s truly a family legacy for us and we hope this will always be a place where our team can feel proud to work and supported to be their best selves,” said Matthew Maloney, President & Chief Investment Officer at FFAM360.

A Family Story

The story of the First Financial Asset Management Team begins with family. The company’s President and Chief Investment Officer, Matthew Maloney grew up in the receivables business and became involved early on, gaining valuable experience and earning trust with high-performing insurance and financial industry participants soon after graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. Joining the First Financial venture as a co-founder, Matthew Maloney worked with and learned from his father and co-founder, John W. Maloney, to greatly expand the company. What began as a small collection agency in 2002 was quickly expanded to include subrogation and purchasing. Over the past two decades, the corporation has become a major nationwide purchaser and servicer of diverse accounts receivable portfolio sectors.

Before starting FFAM, John Maloney was the owner-operator of four separate accounts receivables operations including Superior Asset Management. John’s wife (Matthew’s mother), Mary Maloney, was also in the business, joining the First Financial executive team as Vice President and Secretary. John’s brother-in-law, Hubert E. Collins, had an established history of partnership with John and decades of career experience in receivables management when he joined as the original President after serving as Vice Chairman of Compass Receivables Management Corp. Adding to the pool of family talent was Hubert Collins’ son-in-law, Robert (Bob) Chalavoutis, who was Vice President at Bank of America before joining the FFAM team in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer—a role he continues to fill to the present day.

Steve Goldstein, a business colleague and family friend, was also an original co-founder and critical fixture of the operation, starting as division director and chief marketing officer after selling his subrogation company, Fidelity Risk Solutions, to First Financial Asset Management to become the company’s acquired subrogation division. Steve has been instrumental in the extensive growth of that division as well, and currently continues to oversee the subrogation arm of FFAM360 as Division President.



Building a Culture-First Corporation

One of the positive byproducts of the company’s strong executive team was its ability to swiftly execute critical deals and set growth on a strong trajectory, reaching big-name clients that would often be unattainable for other ARM companies of First Financial Asset Management’s age and size. Another benefit was the pre-existing industry relationships to help launch trustworthy partnerships to create a servicing network for the purchased paper. While many accounts were serviced in-house, a portion was also outsourced to additional locales.

The exceptional professionalism the agency demonstrated with its increasing clients and partners was also filtered into the business culture, as call representatives and company leaders held themselves to high standards of service. Customer representatives worked in top-notch facilities in metropolitan areas with business-professional attire. The company was able to attract top talent, bolstering its vision to stand above and beyond all others as a best-in-class organization. Rather than attempting to create a monopoly with this vision, however, the company applied a cooperative approach to growth, working with competitors as partners and helping to expand mutually beneficial client relationships. This type of synchronization has been critical to the ongoing success of the continually growing corporation and is central to its business values.

In the face of rapid expansion, many companies face growing pains and internal challenges to retaining the original sense of connection to leadership and a family-oriented atmosphere. However, the FFAM360 Alliance of Companies  Team strives for intentionality in all things and has instead doubled down on efforts to provide a quality culture with community values across all offices. Recently, FFAM360 received a Great Place to Work recognition. The company also fulfills its philanthropic vision through a commitment to ongoing giving for causes such as breast cancer research, foster care, and school supply drives as well as additional opportunities as they arise—particularly those causes with which team members share a close personal connection. President Matt Maloney embraces a servant-leadership approach and takes an active role in personable leadership through active involvement in leadership training, team-building outings, culture awards, and more.



Looking to the Future

The First Financial Asset Team is celebrating these milestones and more and is thankful for the many lasting relationships shared across internal teams and external partnerships. The team looks forward to what the future holds and remains committed to its mission to deliver revenue-cycle solutions that optimize clients’ credit and revenue lifecycle through the deployment of FFAM360’s world-class people, operational best practices, and next-generation technology, all of which are rooted in integrity, business continuity, and compliance. The team looks forward to the next decade of milestones to come.

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About the FFAM360 Alliance of Companies

The FFAM360 Alliance of companies deploys world-class people, operations, and technology to deliver revenue cycle solutions to their clients that optimize their credit and revenue lifecycles. Founded in 2002 with the vision of creating a best-in-class organization that provides comprehensive solutions across the Insurance Subrogation, Healthcare RCM, Financial Services, and Human Resource Staffing sectors, FFAM360 has achieved many significant awards and recognitions including being honored by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. The FFAM360 Alliance of Companies is headquartered just outside Atlanta, GA, with additional offices in Phoenix, AZ, and Paso Robles, CA.