FFAM360 Healthcare

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The FFAM360 Healthcare team of experts with over 100+ years combined experience, provides you with a wide-array of solutions, customized to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s Complex Claims Management for MVA or Workers Compensation, Revenue Cycle Management outsourcing, Staffing, or our Special Project Resolution Services, FFAM360 Healthcare has the right solution.

Full Cycle Approach

FFAM360 Healthcare’s full cycle approach will streamline your process to maximize and accelerate reimbursement. Our advanced technology engine processes all claims electronically which saves our clients time, and their need for their own investment in technology and staff.

Claims Connect Technology

FFAM360’s A.I. Technology directly connects with payors through our proprietary work flows. This technology accelerates the process so our clients get paid quicker.

SurePay™ Reimbursement Guarantee

FFAM360 is the industry leader for cash acceleration and revenue predictability with our SurePay™ Reimbursement Guarantee.

  • Plugs into your current processes
  • Eliminates need for vendor or systems oversight
  • Reimbursement is immediate
  • Eliminates fluctuations in cash collections
  • Improves compliance safeguards
  • Guarantees revenue/revenue visibility
  • Shortens collection life cycle

Wide-Array of Solutions to Meet Your Needs


Accounts Receivable Backlog


Patient Scheduling


Credit Balance Refund Research & Backlog


Staffing Solutions

Healthcare Staffing & Project Services

FFAM360 Staffing & Project Services offers comprehensive solutions for all your staffing and project needs. See our website for more information: ffamstaffing.com

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