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Receivables Asset Management

Assisting client-partners with the management of accounts receivables.

Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-end solutions that encompass the entire healthcare revenue cycle.

Purchasing and Specialty Finance

Comprehensive liquidity solutions for creditors and healthcare providers looking to sell or finance their accounts receivables.

Patient Financing

Financial solutions for patients on their medical treatments and procedures.

Healthcare Provider Network

Guaranteed reimbursement for personal injury accidents.


Revenue Cycle Solutions

The FFAM 360 group of companies are some of the most recognized financial institutions specializing in accounts receivable management. Our family of companies provides comprehensive solutions for business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue cycle management, and receivable purchasing and finance.

The FFAM 360 group of companies have continued to be industry leaders for more than 15 years, pioneering operational and compliance advancements that have become industry standards. We have extensive experience working with a variety of consumer and commercial financial assets including:

  • Automotive Finance
  • Banking & Private Label
  • Consumer Loans
  • Governmental Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Subrogation
  • Student Loans
  • Telecommunications & Utilities
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FFAM 360 Family News

hands holding interlocking puzzle pieces and FFAM360 Staffing logo

The FFAM360 Group of Companies Launches New Division to Assist the Healthcare Industry with Staffing Solutions

The FFAM360 Group of Companies Launches New Division to Assist the Healthcare Industry with Staffing Solutions The FFAM360 Group of Companies (“FFAM360”), a world-class organization that provides revenue-centric solutions that specifically address all phases of the credit and revenue lifecycle, is excited to announce the launch of FFAM360 Staffing, a new and innovative division of…


Orlando skyline

First Financial Asset Management Announces Attendance at the 2019 HFMA Annual Conference

First Financial Asset Management, FFAM360, announces that the company will attend the 2019 Healthcare Financial Management Association, HFMA, Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida from June 23-26, 2019. The 2019 HFMA Annual Conference will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The four-day conference will convene over 2,500 executives who lead and…


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FFAM360 Announces Corporate Charitable Giving for 2019

First Financial Asset Management (FFAM360), a family of companies that provides healthcare providers, insurance companies, and creditors with comprehensive revenue cycle solutions, announces the names of the four charitable organizations benefiting from FFAM360’s 2019 focus on our community. This year, FFAM360 is proud to partner with Promise686, American Cancer Society, and Friends of Refugees. Each…