Insurance Subrogation

Decades of Subrogation Expertise

Since 2004, the FFAM360 Insurance Subrogation division has provided specialized insurance claim management for auto, property, and casualty claims. Managed by insurance specialists with decades of experience in federal and state legal compliance, the FFAM360 subrogation team navigates insurance claim and arbitration recovery like no other team. In addition to our depth of experience, our advanced analytics model, IQ-CORE, sets us apart as we provide efficient, targeted strategy and performance for our clients.

IQ Core – Proprietary Scoring Delivers Maximum Recovery

FFAM360’s next-generation, AI-powered, IQ-CORE (Intelligent Quantitative Collection Optimization & Recovery Engine) drives precise analytical scoring and optimal performance on subrogation accounts for insurance and car/truck rental companies.


  • IQ-CORE determines and allocates the appropriate intensity of focus for each account.
  • IQ-CORE reduces the number of files that reach statute.
  • IQ-CORE increases revenue for our client partners.

The FFAM360 subrogation team understands how to handle claims efficiently and professionally to ensure protection of your brand and your reputation.

Insurance Subrogation Solutions

FFAM360’s Insurance Subrogation Management and Loss-Recovery Solutions include:

overflow carrier-to-carrier outsourcing
Automobile Subrogation
Property and
casualty claims
Deductible recovery / collections
Workers Compensation Claims
E & O 
Med Pay
Car and Truck
Forced Charge Recovery
File Arbitration & Management

By utilizing FFAM360’s team of subrogation experts and leveraging our suite of proprietary technology, we help navigate the complex environment of insurance subrogation claims ensuring maximum revenue recovery.

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