In 2017, First Financial Asset Management 360 (FFAM360) acquired Greater California Financial Services (GCFS), a niche company with experience in post-judgement recovery. The addition of this small but mighty firm strengthens FFAM360’s core offerings of revenue cycle management solutions. This, in turn, streamlines benefits for our clients and completes the full cycle of services provided.


Located in Paso Robles, CA, Greater California Financial Services has been a part of the collections industry for 45 years. Vertical integration of GCFS into the FFAM360 group adds capacity within consumer and commercial collections, completes the end to end revenue cycle, and provides a comprehensive solution within the organization. GCFS provides FFAM360 with an opportunity to increase cash flow from dormant judgements, breathing life back into accounts at a critical juncture in the recovery cycle.


“The acquisition of GCFS into our group of companies is a strategic fit which complements our existing offerings in the post-judgement collections process,” reports Matthew Maloney, President and Chief Investment Officer of FFAM360. “Their expertise in post-judgement recovery allows us to improve an already comprehensive solution in the life cycle of a debt and adds another layer to our organization.”


“We are excited to join forces with such a respected organization. Uniting with the FFAM family is a mutual benefit,” said Matthew Maloney, CEO. “The newly forged link between our companies grows our presence in the industry while also building core competence for the organization as a whole.”


About FFAM360


The FFAM360 group of companies was founded in 2002 by industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience. By creating a best-in-class organization that combines leading revenue management with institutional capital, FFAM360 has become one of the most well-known and respected financial institutions specializing in accounts receivable management. FFAM360 deploys world-class people, operations, and technology to deliver revenue-cycle solutions to their clients that optimize their credit and revenue lifecycle. They are located just outside Atlanta, GA, with a satellite office in Phoenix, AZ.