Deacon Pittman, Director of Sales of First Financial Asset Management (FFAM360) was Featured on Receivables Roundtable, a Video Production for the Accounts Receivable Management Industry Created and Published by Receivables Info

Atlanta, GA, September 2021– We’re proud to share episode 46 of Receivables Roundtable featuring our own Deacon Pittman! Deacon sat down with Adam Parks to discuss the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. 

Deacon and Adam had a lengthy conversation about one of the biggest challenges that hospitals and health care systems face; getting patients their refunds. Are paper checks really the most efficient, cost-effective, patient-preferred, and compliant manner for getting patients their money?

The seven steps of the revenue cycle include pre-registration, registration, charge capture, claim submission, remittance processing, insurance follow-up, and patient collections. As a veteran of the revenue healthcare cycle sales, Deacon has worked with clients and consumers for 15 years. Due to the nature of regulations surrounding healthcare, Deacon says that for every refund check that goes out, the hospital typically spends more checking on that refund than the refund amount. 

“Historically, it’s always been a pain point. There are costs associated with the physical manufacture of the check and costs with the postage,” says Deacon Pittman during his talk with Adam. “Someone has to follow up with whether or not the check has been cashed. There is quite a bit of reconciliation every time one of these checks goes out.”

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