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In today’s global information-age, big data and predictive analytics are not only affecting the way organizations manage their customers or operations, they are also changing the way they search and retain top talent. At FFAM360 Staffing, we are revolutionizing the talent acquisition lifecycle using proprietary and analytically acute methods in order to search, identify, and screen candidates for our clients. Our innovative staffing solutions allow clients to find available professionals while skipping the burden of training and eliminating time-consuming oversight, all tasks that consume valuable time in your day. So whether your needs Remote-Temporary Staffing, Traditional Temporary Staffing, A/R Project Resolution, Temp-to-Hire opportunities, Direct Hire Introductions, Interim Management Partnership or Executive Placement Program, FFAM360 Staffing can customize a staffing solution just for you.

When you are temporarily understaffed for various reasons, you can depend on FFAM360 Staffing to find a temporary revenue cycle or clinical solution and ensure that you have the trained employee or clinical technician to fit your needs. Our temporary employees are pre-screened and will be matched to the specification that you desire. Let FFAM360 Staffing provide you with highly qualified candidates and remove the burden of recruiting, screening, and interviewing employees.

Customized Staffing Solutions

FFAM360 Staffing matches skilled pre-qualified candidates to meet the specific needs of your organization. Visit our website to find out more about our extensive, full-service staffing solutions.

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Project Resolution and Management Solutions

When you need an individual or team to eliminate a backlog or backfill while you focus on an episodic initiative like an acquisition or computer conversion. FFAM360 will assess your needs to determine the scope of work, objectives, and outcomes. We can meet your needs onsite at your location or remotely in our call center.

FFAM360 recognizes the pressures that organizations face in searching for the perfect leader.  Our interim healthcare leadership services provide executive leadership to fill unexpected vacancies. For more permanent solutions, we bring the top executive and managerial talents to hospital, medical, and healthcare client organizations.

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Utilize our innovative Staffing Solutions to fill your vacancy, either temporarily or full-time, on location or remotely from our call center.