Reimbursement Guarantee (for Healthcare A/R)

At FFAM360 Capital, we create tangible receivable liquidity solutions that address healthcare providers’ cash flow objectives! By delivering the first and only Reimbursement Guarantee™ solution (accomplished through the sale or finance of A/R) to the healthcare industry, we allow our healthcare client-partners to realize the guarantee of cash today (vs the promise of those collections tomorrow), all consolidated through one seamlessly-integrated patient financial engagement & experience!

How it Works

A/R or Bad Debt is analyzed, valuation metrics are established (using over 200 variables), and values are benchmarked against the provider’s “historical” collection liquidations achieved. Contractual reimbursement rates (e.g. price paid to healthcare provider) is established.

Building Predictability into Receivables

Currently, FFAM360 Capital offers our Reimbursement Guarantee™ programs using unique receivables purchasing or receivables finance transactions in the following healthcare financial classes.

Reimbursement Guarantee (for bad-debt and insurance)® converts receivables into cash. We eliminate the protracted burden of management, oversight, and continued degraded value and associated costs with the management of these receivable assets. This gives GUARANTEED revenue visibility and liquidity to the Healthcare Providers!

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