Comprehensive Customer Care and Account Servicing

Recognized as a premier account servicer and business process outsourcer, FFAM360’s affiliate, CareFirst Financial delivers full-service Customer Care and Account Servicing solutions that exceed industry KPI’s for performing and delinquent accounts. Our Customer Care and Account Servicing expertise transcends across a wide array of industry sectors, giving CareFirst Financial a pedigree second to none. Taking a 360 degree approach, CareFirst Financial helps our clients originate, onboard, monitor , process payments, manage collections, initiate recovery and ultimately facilitate a true end-to-end communications approach throughout the life of the account.

CareFirst Financials’ Customer Care and Account Servicing team is comprised of leading experts who understand how to achieve superior customer experience while maximizing revenue integrity in an ever-changing global market. We create success for our clients through consistent alignment of strategy and technology. Servicing accounts that span the lifecycle from origination to paid off, CareFirst Financial is committed to delivering exceptional customer service in a compliant and professional manner.

Loan Servicing Solutions

FFAM360’s CareFirst Financial division provides loan servicing solutions in these areas:

Consumer Installment Loans
(secured and unsecured)

Revolving Lines of Credit


Cable and Satellite



Transportation and Logistics

Compliance and Innovation

Our Customer Care and Account Servicing solutions are rooted in professionalism and compliance. We deliver customized client service to build positive relationships and protect our client’s brand. Our team understands the value of maintaining your reputation within your community and preserving the trust of your customers while optimizing your revenue.

CareFirst Financial has the ability to manage a large portfolio of account assets. Through the deployment of innovative technology, we create efficiency through automation that helps to reduce errors and increase compliance on mission critical processes, all that ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction. We have a thorough understanding of the policies, procedures, and laws that govern the servicing of various types of accounts, and we continually train our team to stay at the forefront of new regulation and procedures.

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