Insurance Subrogation

FFAM360’s division of Insurance Subrogation is managed by a group of property and casualty insurance specialists with decades of experience in effective subrogation claim loss-recovery. Our longevity and experience have provided us with a network of industry contacts and deep relationships that provide our clients with a strategic advantage to recapturing funds. We treat every file as a new file and combine our technological and operational expertise to maximize revenue for our clients. Organizations looking to recover financial loss from their subrogation claims can trust FFAM360’s management and loss & recovery expertise.

We understand the complex process involved in the successful management of Insurance Subrogation and Claims management. Through our proprietary S.A.S.M. (Strategic, Analytical, Scoring. Method) program, we have access to hundreds of different public record databases which allows us to apply a ‘propensity to pay score’ to each subrogation or uninsured motorist file. Our extensive testing and re-calibration of this model enable us to filter claims for those that have the potential to pay. Our unique approach multiplies the intensity of focus on each account, identifies accounts with payment potential,  and reduces the number of files that reach statute, thus, increasing revenue for our client partners.

Our Customizable Solutions

Our Insurance Subrogation management and loss-recovery solutions include:

Overflow carrier-to-carrier Outsourcing
Automobile Subrogation
Property and Casualty Claims
Deductible Recovery / Collections
Premium Recovery
Workers Compensation Claims

E & O Claims
Med Pay Claims
Car and Truck Rental
Forced Charge Recovery
File Arbitration & Management
Litigation Recovery

Maximize Claim Recovery

Industry statistics indicate that many organizations do not maximize subrogation claim recoveries due to both a lack of sufficient resources and ineffective treatment strategies throughout the claims-revenue cycle.  FFAM360 helps avoid the strain that protracted collections efforts can put on company resources. Let us leverage our deep domain expertise and innovative, proprietary technology to successfully recapture your lost income and free up your time so you can focus on your core business.

FFAM360 is the “complete package” with regards to your insurance subrogation and claims management needs. Our team of veteran industry specialists are experts in various federal and state laws, license revocations, insurance claim recovery, and arbitration recovery tactics. We understand how to handle your claims efficiently and professionally, protecting your brand and your reputation.

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Put FFAM360’s decades of experience in effective subrogation claim loss-recovery and proprietary technology to work for you and optimize your accounts before they reach statute.