Capital Solutions

FFAM 360 Capital (a division of FFAM 360) offers an array of capital and financing solutions for our client-partners that span the entire receivable lifecycle. By leveraging existing and future accounts receivable, our solutions create receivables liquidity alternatives that address each client’s cash flow objectives.

Through the deployment of FFAM 360 Capital’s Reimbursement Guarantee©, healthcare providers, insurance companies, banks, and other industry partners are able to dramatically accelerate their revenue cycle by turning active or non-performing receivables into immediate cash liquidity.  Our sophisticated modeling and forecasting tools enable FFAM 360 Capital to provide the most creative receivables purchasing, receivable payment-guarantee, receivables finance, or receivable lease-purchase programs available. We provide customized financing solutions to meet our partners’ needs ranging from portfolio servicing to strategic acquisition of portfolios at any point in the account lifecycle.

FFAM 360 Capital and the FFAM 360 group of companies strategically employs experts in finance, asset valuation, and asset restructuring for performing and nonperforming assets. We can create customized solutions based our client’s needs that will meet or exceed financial goals.

Since 2002, our team of financial professionals has engaged in thousands of transactions, having acquired or funded more than $15­ billion in receivables.

Asset Class Focus

  • Healthcare Receivables
  • Insurance Subrogation
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Automotive Loans
  • Retail Credit Cards
  • Utilities
  • Student Loans
  • Mortgages