FFAM 360 Full Cycle Services

FFAM 360 is a family of companies dedicated to providing clients with complete revenue cycle solutions. Our companies and experienced leadership teams offer comprehensive solutions for creditors and healthcare providers to improve cash flow from accounts receivable.

FFAM 360 assists our client-partners with creating a significant and sustainable reduction in their operating costs related to financing and accounts receivable management, enabling them to realize increased revenue and profitability. We offer a variety of operational and financial solutions, all focused on creating predictable cash flow from otherwise unpredictable assets.

Our leadership team has more than 100 years combined experience across multiple disciplines covering a variety of consumer and commercial credit products. FFAM 360 and its group of affiliated companies are one of the most recognized financial institutions for providing comprehensive solutions in the areas of business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue cycle management and receivables purchasing & specialty finance.

FFAM 360 Revenue Cycle Management & Capital

Our family of companies are dedicated to providing our client-partners with comprehensive revenue cycle solutions and capital, all customized to meet their needs.

First Financial Asset Management, Inc.

First Financial Asset Management provides high quality business process outsourcing and accounts receivable management services to maximize credit lifecycle cash flow while protecting our client-partners brand reputation.

FFAM Capital (350)

FFAM Capital offers creative solutions for creditors and healthcare providers to sell accounts receivable for accelerated cash flow and reduce balance-sheet risk.

FFAM Healthcare (350)

FFAM 360 Healthcare provides end-to-end revenue cycle management delivered by a world-class team of healthcare revenue reimbursement experts.

CareCentric (350)

CareCentric is a healthcare provider branded patient financing loyalty card.

FFAM COLLECT (First Financial Asset Management)

Business Process Outsourcing

Imagine the possibilities of reducing your companies’ fixed expenses by 10%, 20%, even 30% or more. That is exactly what some Fortune 1000 Company’s are accomplishing by employing one of our many business process outsourcing solutions offered by First Financial Asset Management and the FFAM360 group of companies.  With state of the art facilities, highly trained personnel, and a dynamically scalable infrastructure within the U.S., FFAM will serve as an extension of your business – without the protracted burden of expanding your own workforce or infrastructure. Examples include: call center, customer care/service, fiscal management, first party billing, loss mitigation, and other services  FFAM can network remotely with our clients systems or download to ours on a real time basis.  Please contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting to review your business needs.

Accounts Receivable Management | Billing and Collections

Built on decades of successful client programs, the professionals at First Financial Asset Management, Inc. (“FFAM’) employ a leading edge veteran billing and collections management team whose operational expertise encompasses a variety of industry sectors, including but not limited to the following specialties:

✓ Healthcare
✓ Insurance Subrogation
✓ Automotive Finance
✓ Banking & Private Label
✓ Consumer Loans
✓ Governmental Services
✓ Student Loans
✓ Telecommunications & Utilities

Our proprietary billing and collection treatment processes provide specialized account treatment programs from pre-charge off to warehouse bad-debt.  Through a statistically driven account treatment process, FFAM’s customized segmentation model blends a proprietary waterfall of outbound calling, intense dialer penetration, customized letter campaigns, asset search/skip tracing, and comprehensive legal recovery that delivers results that continue to outpace our more traditional counterparts.

Supported by highly trained professionals who work diligently to increase liquidations, and improve the customer’s bottom line, our clients can relax and know that their financial objectives on unpaid accounts receivables are being dynamically accomplished.

Insurance Subrogation | Claims Management – Loss Recovery – Arbitration

The insurance subrogation division at FFAM 360 and First Financial Asset Management is managed by a group of property & casualty insurance specialists with decades of experience in effective subrogation claim loss-recovery.  Comprised of experts in various federal and state laws, license revocations, insurance claim recovery, and arbitration recovery tactics, FFAM’s subrogation claims management & loss-recovery team is second-to-none amongst industry competitors.

FFAM 360 and First Financial Asset Management has positioned itself to prove to the insurance industry, car & truck rental industries, and other similar industry organizations needing claims management & loss-recovery expertise that FFAM is the “complete package” when it comes to their Insurance Subrogation and Claims Management needs.

Our insurance subrogation management and loss-recovery solutions include:

  • Overflow carrier-to-carrier Outsourcing
  • Automobile Subrogation
  • Property and Casualty Claims
  • Deductible Recovery / Collections
  • Premium Recovery
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • E & O Claims
  • Med Pay Claims
  • Car and Truck Rental
  • Forced Charge Recovery
  • File Arbitration & Management
  • Litigation Recovery

Industry statistics continue to demonstrate that insurance carriers, car & truck rental companies, and other similar organizations do not maximize their subrogation claims recoveries, primarily due to a lack of sufficient resources and effective treatment strategies at various stages of the “claims recovery – revenue cycle”.  This in turn has a negative effect on the bottom line, causing lost income and protracted burden on company resources.

By leveraging the deep domain expertise of the professionals at FFAM 360 and First Financial Asset Management, organizations looking to recover financial loss from their subrogation claims can have confidence that their insurance claim management and loss-recovery needs are being dynamically achieved.

FFAM Capital

FFAM 360 Capital (and its related investment funds) is the specialty-finance investment affiliate of the FFAM 360 group of companies.   FFAM 360 Capital provides capital-intensive solutions to our client-partners through the acquisition and specialty finance of their accounts receivables.

Through uniquely structured transactions with our clients, FFAM 360 Capital will acquire (purchase), provide loans, and originate portfolios of accounts receivables from a variety of credit originators and healthcare providers throughout the United States and select international markets.

Please visit our Capital Solutions page to learn more about FFAM 360 Capital.

FFAM 360 Healthcare

FFAM 360 Healthcare is the healthcare revenue cycle management & consulting division of the FFAM 360 group of companies.

FFAM 360 Healthcare addresses the various needs that healthcare providers face in managing the complexities of the revenue cycle.  Managed by a group of senior level experts whose backgrounds span more than 50 years in healthcare revenue cycle management, clinical management, and healthcare administration, FFAM 360 Healthcare is able to deliver a comprehensive network of dedicated professionals that successfully maximize our client cash flow lifecycle.

FFAM 360 Healthcare provides revenue cycle management to the following Healthcare industry provider types:

✓ Hospitals
✓ Physician Groups
✓ Healthcare Clinics
✓ EMR (Ambulance)
✓ Urgent Care Groups
✓ Private Practice Physicians
✓ Dental

FFAM 360 Healthcare’s professionals deliver both off-site and on-site extension of our clients’ business offices, offering the ability to manage all or a portion of healthcare providers critical revenue cycle functions.

Revenue Cycle Management – Areas of Competency by FFAM

✓ Scheduling/Admissions/Registration/Pre-Certification/Insurance Verification
✓ Insurance Eligibility (Gov’t, Charity, Etc)
✓ CDM/Charge Master Review and Management
✓ Insurance Billing (including Claims Scrubbing & Submission, Follow Up, Denial Management, Collections)
✓ Retro and Presumptive Insurance Eligibility Identification/Billing/Collections
✓ Patient Billing and Collections (Including POS Collections, Revenue Conversion through Sales, etc.)
✓ Bad Debt Collections (Including our proprietary Reimbursement Guarantee™ Solution)

The professionals at FFAM 360 Healthcare are collectively versed in the efficiencies of successful revenue cycle management. To further maximize efficiency and performance, we employ a “targeted” approach to the treatment strategies needed to successfully augment proper payment reimbursement for healthcare providers. This unique approach provides FFAM 360 Healthcare the comprehensive knowledge necessary to communicate, execute, and produce results unmatched by any of our competitors.


The FFAM 360 group of companies is acutely aware of the significant increase in patient responsibility balances within healthcare.  CareCentric is a healthcare provider branded patient financing loyalty card.

MVA Claims – Reimbursement Portal

Imagine connecting directly with auto insurance carriers thru a cloud-based HIPAA compliant online portal to settle motor vehicle accident (“MVA”) claims.

Imagine getting paid within five (5) to ten (10) business days, regardless of claim balance or age.

Imagine a technology built around MVA claims that is so advanced, you can initiate payment on an unlimited number of accounts, all with just the click of a button.

Now imagine that you have initiated payment on $1,000’s or $1,000,000’s of dollars in net-revenue in the same amount of time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee, without ever leaving your desk.

That imagination has become a reality!!

Delivered thru an advanced proprietary technology platform, FFAM360 Healthcare is proud to introduce the ClaimTECHSolutions MVA Claims Reimbursement Portal.

Using this proprietary one-of-a-kind cloud based technology, FFAM360 is now connecting healthcare providers directly to the responsible auto insurance carriers thru an online experience that expedites and maximizes the settlement-payment of MVA Claims, all faster than ever before!

To learn more about our ClaimTECHSolutions MVA Claims Reimbursement Portal delivered by FFAM360 Healthcare, please Click on the icon below to logon:

Claim TECH Solutions